Song #17: Lullabye for Me

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This week’s song, in honor of my own ongoing, ever-evolving relationship with sleep, is a little ditty about insomnia.

“Lullabye for Me”  is from Piti Theatre’s show “Innocenzo”, and is “the story of a clown who moves to a Swiss city only to find he’s becoming sick from electromagnetic pollution. Innocenzo sings this song to comfort himself in his insomnia and his neighbors join in – it turns out they’re also having trouble sleeping.”

I’ve had sleep issues myself off and on for years but just recently have been experiencing full on insomnia, you know, where you literally DON’T SLEEP ALL NIGHT.  I’ve  tried a bunch of different “natural” and pharmaceutical “sleep remedies”, with little success.

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If you’re currently experiencing insomnia, you might want to check out this extremely thorough list:    50 ways to improve sleep.  They even walk you through how to construct a Faraday cage for blocking electromagnetic pollution.  And, there’s a helpful video of a breathing exercise by Andrew Weil.

Something that has been really helping me is a nifty little practice called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or “Tapping”.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s sort of a cross between self-hypnosis and acupressure.  Besides helping with insomnia, EFT has proved to be effective in addressing many other different psychological, physical, and spiritual issues.  I highly recommend it.  I found my tapping script for insomnia on the EFT Universe site.

I’d love to hear about what other folks have tried for insomnia.  Let me know!


Lullabye to Me
Lyrics by Jonathan Mirin, Music by Carrie Ferguson
Album: Piti Theatre’s Greatest Bits, Vol. I
Recorded and Mixed by Tommy Byrnes at Sovereignty Music, Bernardston, MA
Mastered by Angelo Quaglia at Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst, MA

Sing a lullabye for me
Cause I can’t sleep
I’m so tired
Of counting sheep

A lullabye for me
I want sleep
The sheep are tired
Of jumping over me

It would
Be so sweet
If i could
Fall asleep

I’d have
A beautiful dream
So sing a
Lullabye to me
Goodnight Innocenzo
Sleep tight Innocenzo
Goodnight Innocenzo