# 23 The Puppy Song (You and I)

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The Puppy Song (You and I) is the first single off of my album of fun music for everybody, The Grumpytime Club, which will be out in May 2020!

Please check out the video on YouTube

This tune is an upbeat sing-along with an infectious chorus about the joys of friendship, loving puppies, and just being yourself.  This song was inspired by my piano student, Madelyn Schott, 7 at the time, who mostly just wanted to chant “puppy, puppy, puppy” while we improvised on the piano.  It was so much fun, I decided to add a melody and lyrics and turn it into a song! She’s listed as a co-writer as the song would not have existed without her.

The song was recorded at Northfire Studio in Amherst, MA, engineered and co-produced by Garrett Sawyer.  Garrett’s daughter’s, Ajika and Samara (aka The Swamp Sisters), both played on the song.  Ajika, 12 at the time, played bass on the track and sang harmony vocals. Her nine-year-old sister, Samara Sawyer, played trombone and also sang harmonies.  Their friends Sita and Amrita Rutter sang on the chorus; Sita, who was 8 at the time, is the one whose voice you hear in the middle of the tune.

The video was filmed mostly in one day in summer 2018, in Wendell, Shutesbury, Montague, and Sunderland, MA, by Tom Adams of Reel Life Video productions.  It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect.  We started at 9 in the morning and literally spent the whole day driving around Franklin County filming kids and puppies.  First stop was the home of German Shephard breeder Bren Carey whose beautiful dog Leta, had just had a litter of adorable, sleek black puppies.  My cousin, Zoe, came along and was completely smitten. 

Next, we went to the Conservation Area in Montague and dropped in on an impromptu gathering of Montague residents and their dogs.  Tom set up a ladder and filmed “aerial views” of the dogs joyfully romping in the water.  Thanks to my buddy Jane Stephenson for wrangling all her dog-loving friends! 

Then it was up the road to Wendell to film a gang of summer kids dancing with Shamala the dog, playing instruments in the Sawyer’s backyard, and running in the Fisk Pond meadow.

The last stop of the day was Heroes, Horses, and Hounds Rescue Shelter in Sunderland.  HHH is run by the impressive Colleen Campbell and it’s mission is to provide refuge for discarded farm animals and pets.  There we filmed an adorable litter of 3-week-old puppies, plus a saucy miniature pony named Serena.  For more information about Heroes, Horses, and Hounds:  

Lastly, I filmed some extra footage of Sebastian Stinson and Abdi Byl-Brann playing with puppy Acorn at the beautiful Lake Tully Campground in Orange.

The Puppy Song (You and I)
By Carrie Ferguson and Madelyn Schott
copyright 2018

You and I were walking and I was feeling sad
You told me you love me and that made me feel glad
You said we should sing a song about something that I love
‘Cuz you know there is one thing that I’m always thinking of

Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Doggy doggy doggy doggy

You and I were talking and you were feeling bad
You said this was the worst day that you had ever had
I said we should sing a song about our favorite things
So we filled up our lungs with air and we began to sing

Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Doggy doggy doggy doggy

We don’t have to win a race
We don’t have to be the best
We just get to play and play
And then we get to rest

Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Doggy doggy doggy doggy

Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Puppy puppy puppy puppy
Doggy doggy doggy doggy

Song #18: Soapy Water

red shirt

Here is another lullaby, this time from my Walking Songs collection.  I wrote this one somewhere around 1991, when I was 21.  I remember it was a gray rainy day, early Spring,  and I was in downtown Amherst, MA, waiting for the bus to take me to the University of MA.  As always in those days, I was a little bit anxious and heart-broken.  I had a new pair of used shoes.  They were black and pink L.A. Gear hightops and I’d bought them for 50 cents at Salvation Army.  They were magical, sturdy shoes, almost like boots, and they kept my feet very cozy.  I was also wearing my favorite red flannel shirt and thinking longingly of warmer weather or at least my cozy bed.


Soapy Water
Written and performed by Carrie Ferguson
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Tommy Byrnes at Sovereignty, Bernardston, MA
Album: Walking Songs

This soapy water, gonna wash you with it
Gonna send your bad blues spinning down the drain
Can I scrub your back, maybe it will soothe you
Soak you in loving, strong as any pain

I’d like to live my life like a red flannel shirt
Jumping into the wind clean free of the clothes line
And I’d be dancing in my colors between the sun and the Earth
And the same wind that takes me away can carry me home
The same wind that takes me away can carry me home