Change is all there is, Baby.


Song #10:  I’m A Rock Going Through Changes



(See below for lyrics)

This is another song from my new CD with Piti Theatre, ‘Piti Theatre’s Greatest Bits, Vol. I’. (For the whole story about my collaboration with Piti, and this project in particular, please see post #8).

Like last week’s song, ‘I’m A Rock Going Through Changes’ was written for a residency about rocks that Piti Theatre did at the Ryan Road School in Florence, MA.  Jon and Godelieve spent a week at the school teaching third graders about rocks and creating a play.  This song was performed by the students (accompanied by me disguised as “Carrie Keys” with an elaborate wig and sparkly gold boots) in the final show for the school and parents.


I’m A Rock Going Through Changes

By Jonathan Mirin and Carrie Ferguson
Recorded and Mixed by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst, MA
Co-produced by Carrie Ferguson and Garrett Sawyer
Mastered by Angelo Quaglia

Well…..I started off deep in the planet as magma (ma, ma, ma, ma, ma)
Then I got shot out of a volcano in Japan (an, an, an, an, an)
Didn’t know who or what or where I was (uz, uz, uz, uz, uz)
Then a geologist told me I was lava (va, va, va, va, va)
Until I cooled down, she said “Now you’re igneous!”

I Said “Excuse me? Oh well, in that case, it seems completely clear that….

I’m a rock that’s going through changes
I’m a rock that’s going through changes

Now, there’s two things can happen (pen, pen, pen, pen, pen)

“Do you guys have to keep doing that?”
“Sorry!” “We’re rocking out!”

Anyway……I could get pushed underground, heated up and pressurized
Until I turn metamorphic (ick, ick, ick, ick, ick,)
Or I might get weathered away broken down begrudged bedraggled into little Pieces of mud and dirt and bone called sediments (ents, ents, ents, ents, ents,)
Then those sediments might get packed down on the sea floor and turned into Sedimentary rock because

You’re going through changes
Don’t I know it’s true!
I’m a rock that’s going through changes

Now, if I start on the sea floor I will yes again
Become metamorphic (ick, ick, ick, ick, ick)
Then I might get thrust up and weathered down
Into sediment (ent, ent, ent, ent, ent)
Now, it this is sounding familiar, well…
It should because that’s what I mean by cycle! (cull, cull, cull, cull, cull)

Or if I’m pushed once more deep down beneath the sea floor
I’ll turn into magma (ma, ma, ma, ma, ma)
Then I might come up to the surface somewhere else or get shot out of a totally different volcano in a totally different place because millions of years have gone by (by, by, by, by, by)

Now guess what happens?
Who can tell me what happens?
Let me see your hands in the air..
Yes sir-ee, who can tell me what might happen once again when
That lava that was once magma cools down and becomes….
What does the lava become?
Igneous, that’s right and that should sound very familiar because…

You’re going through changes…
Change is all there is baby!
You’re a rock that’s going through changes!
Everybody now!
I’m going through changes
I’m a rock that’s going through changes!
Tell it like it is!
I’m going through changes
You know it’s true!
I’m a rock that’s going through changes!
Let me hear you!
I’m going through changes!
Last time!
I’m a rock that’s going through changes!
That’s what I’m talking about!


6 thoughts on “Change is all there is, Baby.

  1. Thanks, Steve! I can only take half the credit: Jon wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music and arranged it. The next month or so I’ll be putting out more songs from this CD. You can check out the whole thing on band camp under Piti Theatre if you want. We’re super psyched about how this project came out.


  2. I’m going through changes… we’re going through changes… and it’s GOOD to know that we’re NOT the only ones!!! This song is wooooooooooooooooooooooooooonderful<3


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